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Advanced Cyber Protections

Cybercrime has become more complex, and threats hold more weight than ever before. While large corporations were once the primary targets for hackers, cyber criminals are now setting their sights on smaller organizations. Oftentimes, they know that small to midsize businesses also have a smaller cybersecurity framework — but that shouldn’t be the case.

Advanced threats call for advanced cyber protections. Tools like AI have made bad actors more capable of carrying out large-scale attacks with devastating consequences that can leave small to midsize companies devastated. Our advanced cyber protections address any weaknesses to ensure your company is no longer vulnerable to these threats, no matter your size or industry.

Why Is Cyber Protection So Important?

Cyber protection, or cybersecurity, protects all types of your company’s data against theft and damage. From internal data about company financials to customers’ personally identifiable information (PII), there’s an enormous volume of information stored on your company’s hard drives, cloud network, and potentially elsewhere. The volume of this data increases exponentially, and we’re also witnessing increased velocity as data is being exchanged at an accelerating pace. Trying to keep all of that information protected is a monumental challenge, and it’s one that most business can’t accomplish alone.

Moreover, the potential effects of having that data wind up in the wrong hands are impossible to imagine. At best, your organization could be forced into paying out a hefty ransom fee, which won’t guarantee that a similar event will happen shortly thereafter (unfortunately, repeat ransomware attacks are fairly common). At worst, you could face fines from violating personal data regulations, losses from network outages and disruptions to operations, and irreparable reputational damage.

The need for advanced cybersecurity is clear. Below is a closer look at what it should entail.

24/7 Security Information and Event Monitoring

Event logs are generated for nearly every action that takes place on an event, such as a laptop or desktop. One single device may create thousands of logs in a just one hour. When you factor in network switches and other devices, the number of logs quickly climbs. Manually monitoring all of these events simply isn’t humanly possible, but robust security information and event monitoring systems can automatically analyze and evaluate system activity. Also known as SEIM, these systems operate around the clock and alert us when an event arises, allowing us to act immediately.

24/7 US-Based Security Operations Center

Malicious activity won’t always take place during normal business hours. In fact, the majority of attacks take place on weekends or after working hours on weekdays. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your security operations team is on standby, no matter the time or day. Trust the experts at our US-based security operations center (SOC) to be there to address any issues when it matters most.

  • Cyber Threat Hunting
    We don’t sit around and wait for cybercrime to take place. With cyber threat hunting, we proactively search through networks to detect and act on advanced threats that would otherwise evade traditional security measures.
  • AI-enabled End User Endpoint Protection
    Endpoint security solutions safeguard entry points of end-user devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and laptops. Through endpoint security, we protect these devices on a network or in the cloud, preventing them from being exploited by malicious actors. Our solutions deploy AI technology, enabling the most comprehensive level of end user endpoint protection.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
    Machine learning algorithms have been a boon for cybersecurity, enabling tools to recognize patterns and detect outliers with greater speed and precision. Our platform examines end user behavior and flags irregular activity. Issues are escalated as needed through intelligent workflow automation.
  • Dark Web Monitoring
    Having private company or customer data floating around on the dark web is any business owner’s worst nightmare, but it’s even worse if you don’t know that it’s happening. Dark web monitoring is a form of advanced threat intelligence that scans hidden networks for your business information, so remediation efforts can begin swiftly.

Cyber threats are evolving all the time, and IT ArchiTeks is committed to staying at the forefront of cyber protection. To safeguard your business and its data against cybercrime, find out more about our customizable solutions by contacting our team.