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5 Essential Cybersecurity Measures for Small Business

Imagine you’re a small business owner in a thriving marketplace, and you’re looking toward a successful future. Then, your network gets hacked, customer data is exposed, and you find yourself struggling to recover. You’re losing clients. You’ve lost money. Your business insurance is through the roof. This is becoming an all-too-familiar story. According to a

Does Your Business Need a Virtual Assistant?

“Alexa, where’s my stuff?” “Hey Google, when’s my next appointment?” “Siri, do I have any tasks left before I can go home for the day?” Can you imagine a workplace where your employees are chatting with their virtual assistants daily? Virtual assistants have become ubiquitous in homes, and almost every family uses some sort of

How’s Your Digital Literacy? Take the Quiz!

How much time do you spend online? Most Americans spend 24 hours a week online, but a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center indicates that most people in the U.S. struggle with understanding online privacy and cybersecurity. In fact, the majority of people polled answered fewer than half the questions in the study

So, You’ve Had a Data Breach – 5 Steps to Turn a Fail into a Win

You always go above and beyond to secure the private data of your clients and employees, but even the most conscientious network security measures can be compromised. Do you have an action plan in place if a security breach occurs? Taking the right steps after a security breach ensures you can protect your business reputation

Backup & Disaster Recovery 101 – Everything You Need to Know

If you run a business in 2019, you need a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. This is not something you can do without. The odds are good that 99% of your company’s information and processes all happen through computers. That means you need an information technology (IT) infrastructure in place that allows you

Can Regular Computer Maintenance Save My Company Money?

The short answer is yes! Computers should be considered an investment that needs to be maintained to ensure they function properly and last for years. While it may seem like computers and technology in general are changing so quickly your business can’t possibly keep up, by updating your computer software, protecting from viruses and other

Is it Safe to Use Cloud-Based Hosting?

Cloud-based hosting for data is happening at record rates, and there’s no sign that this trend is going to change anytime soon. Business owners and office managers worry that storage and business processes hosted on the cloud may be at higher risk from hacking, malware, and ransomware, but for some businesses, cloud-based hosting may actually

10 Steps to Make Implementing Business Communication Tools Easier

Most office managers and company owners have been down the long, frustrating road of introducing a new business communication tool that promises to improve inter-departmental productivity and collaboration. Then, employees don’t use it.  When you’ve invested the time and money to find the right communication software and collaboration tools for your business, this can be

Microsoft Office 365 VS Microsoft Azure – What’s the Difference?

In the past few years, products for business like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure have gotten a lot of attention, and they’re definitively being used by more companies of all sizes each year. If you’re not in the information technology (IT) field, you may not really know what these products are and what they

Top 8 Reasons to Migrate to Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Even if your business is one of the most innovative and boundary stretching, the odds are good you are still using the Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Even if you’re using a different suite of programs, you likely work with others who do use these products, so you need access to