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Frequently Asked Questions About Cybersecurity & Your Online Business

As cybersecurity threats against all types of businesses increase, many clients contact IT ArchiTeks with questions about what they can do to protect their business, how cybercriminals can get access to their information, and other basic inquiries about keeping their online business safe and successful. In this blog, we’ve taken the time to answer the

5 Ways Cybercrime Impacts Small Businesses

As a business owner or manager, you have likely heard about a variety of cybersecurity threats, but you may not be aware of what is actually at risk. When cybersecurity breaches occur, your business can lose data, profit, and more. To help you understand why your business needs to take the appropriate network security measures,

Do I Need a Professional to Set Up My VoIP System?

Before you decide whether or not you should work with professionals to install your VoIP system, you might want to take a moment to discuss what exactly a VoIP system is. VoIP is an acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That sounds complicated, but it’s essentially just technology that allows us to transform

7 Common Types of Cybercrimes Impacting U.S. Businesses

In 2019, you likely heard about at least one major business that was impacted by cybercrime, and even if you’re using security software and taking other steps to keep your business safe, do you really know what the risk is? There are many different types of cybercrimes that can negatively impact businesses of all sizes

PBX VS VoIP – Is There a Difference?

PBX and VoIP are two types of communication networks used to route phone calls, voicemail, and other types of business communication. In recent years, many business owners have moved away from analog PBX systems (landline phone networks) that require physical phone control systems either in the office or hosted offsite. Instead, more people are using

Understanding Ransomware & Keeping Your Business Safe

If you’ve seen any of the (MANY) recent reports about ransomware attacks on businesses and their profound effect on the business and its clients, you know that ransomware is a serious danger that your company needs to be prepared to combat. The best defense, as the old adage goes, is a good offense. This has

5 Essential Cybersecurity Measures for Small Business

Imagine you’re a small business owner in a thriving marketplace, and you’re looking toward a successful future. Then, your network gets hacked, customer data is exposed, and you find yourself struggling to recover. You’re losing clients. You’ve lost money. Your business insurance is through the roof. This is becoming an all-too-familiar story. According to a

Does Your Business Need a Virtual Assistant?

“Alexa, where’s my stuff?” “Hey Google, when’s my next appointment?” “Siri, do I have any tasks left before I can go home for the day?” Can you imagine a workplace where your employees are chatting with their virtual assistants daily? Virtual assistants have become ubiquitous in homes, and almost every family uses some sort of

How’s Your Digital Literacy? Take the Quiz!

How much time do you spend online? Most Americans spend 24 hours a week online, but a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center indicates that most people in the U.S. struggle with understanding online privacy and cybersecurity. In fact, the majority of people polled answered fewer than half the questions in the study

So, You’ve Had a Data Breach – 5 Steps to Turn a Fail into a Win

You always go above and beyond to secure the private data of your clients and employees, but even the most conscientious network security measures can be compromised. Do you have an action plan in place if a security breach occurs? Taking the right steps after a security breach ensures you can protect your business reputation