Data Recovery

IT ArchiTeks is your destination for data recovery in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. If your data is lost due to mechanical or human errors, contact us right away. One of our certified technicians will salvage your data and get your business back on its feet.

In the modern day world, a company’s IT infrastructure is crucial to its systematic functioning. Big data that enables businesses to function efficiently is stored digitally. But what if the system fails? What happens to all the data stored in it? The very thought of losing all that precious data is horrific.

Fortunately, with data recovery technology, you can get back all that you had stored in the hard drive.

IT ArchiTeks specializes in recovering data from crashed systems. In addition to hard drive data recovery, our skilled team also specializes in tape data recoverydatabase recoveryRAID recovery, and USB drive data recovery.

The technicalities of data recovery

Data recovery is a complex process. The most important aspect of data recovery is to protect the hardware from being exposed to environmental pollutants such as airborne particles. Dust can corrupt the drives and damage data. In order to protect data, it is important to have special clean rooms that are completely sanitized. Technicians who perform data recovery need to wear specialized suits as well.

Secondly, data recovery rooms need to have stringent security measures. Security guards as well as advanced security devices need to be used to secure the room. More importantly, the security measures need to be active round the clock.

Several such challenges make the process of data recovery a highly specialized task. It is not something that we recommend you try yourself. With IT ArchiTeks at work, you don’t have to take the risk. We do the job for you with the best results.

Why hire IT ArchiTeks?

At IT ArchiTeks, we offer data recovery services for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. We ensure the highest rate of recovery from discs and drives. We also make sure that data is recovered in the shortest time possible.

We have a very well organized set up in place for data recovery since we handle numerous recovery tasks every day. Every stage of the process – from the time we receive your system until the time we hand it back to you – is performed under high precision. You don’t have to worry about lost data or mixed drives.

We understand how critical data recovery is and we make sure that it’s done flawlessly.

So, relax and contact us right away for efficient and effective data recovery solutions. Call us at 972-521-9928 to arrange for a free data recovery quote.

We also offer a full array of managed IT services including, computer repairIT support and VoIP solutions.