SQL Server Reporting Services

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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

The Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) platform provides many powerful tools for selecting, analyzing, visualizing, and summarizing data. Our experienced consultants use SSRS to design and generate reports that help our clients make more informed, responsive business decisions.

We go far beyond the basics to leverage the full power of SSRS for every customer. The SSRS reports we produce benefit our clients thanks to being:

  • Customized

Data can tell many different stories, some of which will always be more relevant and revealing than others. Our SSRS consultants boast both extensive experience with the platform and the ability to pinpoint what matters most to our clients. The customized SSRS reports we deliver highlight the issues that decision-makers and stakeholders truly care about. Reporting that gets straight to the heart of the matter makes doing business simpler.

  • Cost-effective

Our SSRS consulting services are designed to deliver the most possible value for every dollar invested. By maintaining a consistent focus on enabling business-relevant insights, we ensure that our SSRS reports are always informative, enlightening, and useful in practice. We never waste resources or our clients’ time on extraneous details or features.

  • Accessible

Understanding what the latest data says is oftentimes the key to succeeding in business. We make it easy to have customized SSRS reports produced as and when they are needed. Our streamlined, client-focused approach to SSRS reporting puts the full power of a highly capable platform at the disposal of our customers.

Above all else, our SSRS consultants are dedicated to helping you succeed in business. We understand the difference that a single data-derived insight of the right kind can make. We are firm believers in the ability of data to empower companies, and our SSRS consulting work reflects that conviction in everything we do.

Mastery of Every SSRS Feature and Capability

SSRS is an industrial-strength reporting platform with hundreds of different features and options. Our highly experienced consultants understand how to leverage all of these capabilities to produce the most value for our clients, whatever the situation:

  • Visualizations

SSRS supports many types of visual aids that make it easy to become informed at a glance. Our SSRS consultants know when to use a particular type of chart to enable a given kind of insight. Gauges can be used to summarize key performance indicators or to illustrate and contrast other values. Effective use of visualization tools makes SSRS reports more informative and accessible, and our consultants are among the best at it in the industry.

  • Models

Existing sources can be used as models for reports that provide a refined or enhanced view of the included data. Our consultants can quickly, cost-effectively construct customized SSRS reports that reflect the schema of any databases of interest.

  • Navigation

Certain SSRS report formats support navigational features, like document maps, that make it much simpler for viewers to find the information they seek. Reports that are easier to navigate almost always end up being more useful.

  • Security

SSRS includes role-based permissions and data-source security features that reduce risk and provide peace of mind. Our SSRS consultants ensure that security will never be compromised on any project.

  • Automation

Features like data-driven subscriptions, shared schedules, and report-processing management lighten the load for SSRS users by automating important, routine tasks. Our deep understanding of the SSRS platform allows us to figure out how best to use automation for each client.

  • Branding

SSRS reports can be customized with branding and other assets that make them more polished and professional. We can incorporate branding or any other type of visual customization into SSRS reports.

Our SSRS consultants use features like these and many others to produce reports that accommodate the needs of clients in every possible way. Highly customized SSRS reports that reflect a deep understanding of a business’s situation and goals often prove to be some of the most valuable assets of all.

Three Rich, Flexible SSRS Report Format Options

SSRS can be used to easily generate customized reports in any of three distinct formats. Each of these has its own distinctive strengths and features, and our consultants are always ready to determine the best for any given client and situation:

  • Paginated

SSRS reports designed with traditional, paginated layouts are ready for on-demand printing; mass publication; or viewing with e-readers, browsers, and page-oriented apps. Paginated SSRS reports can include many different visualization features, branding, and extras. The fixed, hand-designed look of paginated SSRS reports is an asset in many situations. Paginated SSRS reports can even be exported directly to Microsoft PowerPoint and other formats.

  • Responsive

Based on DataZen technology, SSRS mobile reports adjust and flow automatically to display perfectly on screens of all sizes. Our mobile SSRS reports enable on-the-go access to business-critical data and intelligence. Reports prepared using responsive SSRS technology can also be viewed using the popular Power BI app for iOS and Android devices.

  • Web

When SSRS runs in native mode, its web-based front-end can be used to access paginated and mobile reports and to inspect datasets and sources directly. The web portal collects all of the most important SSRS features and formats into a single, flexible interface well suited to everyone from occasional report viewers to power users. The single-page SSRS web app includes features like interactive sorting, internal and external linking, and document maps.

The Best Choice for Your SSRS Consulting Needs

Data is only as valuable as the insights and decisions it enables. Our SSRS consultants use a business-focused approach to report writing and other services to realize the potential of your data.

Get in touch to learn how our SSRS consulting work can make your business more competitive and successful. We consistently produce SSRS reports that make a definite, measurable difference for our clients.