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Transportation Management Software (TMS) Consulting

Transportation management is a complex system involving the strategy, optimization, and ongoing improvement of the physical movement of goods across the supply chain. To execute these initiatives, logistics companies of all size and scope are increasingly leveraging transportation management software (TMS) to support multimodal planning.

Also sometimes known as transportation management systems or solutions, TMS can enable efficiencies that support seamless connections between people and a simple, straightforward exchange of information. Yet, deploying these solutions can be daunting, even in established organizations. TMS selection, rollout, and system maintenance call for cross-functional expertise. While specialty IT skills certainly play a role in the project, a successful implementation also requires industry-specific knowledge, since logistics companies have unique needs that only those familiar with the field can fully appreciate.

Transportation Management Software Specialists: IT ArchiTeks

If you’re seeking transportation management software consulting, look no further than IT ArchiTeks. Having worked extensively in the transportation sector, our team brings industry knowledge coupled with IT expertise to deliver a seamless logistics management experience that empowers your company to drive efficiency, control costs, enhance safety and compliance, and support your business needs.

TMS Consulting Services

Selecting the right technology for your business is no easy feat. It calls for an in-depth understanding of your workflows, business needs, and company strategy, as well as familiarity with industry-leading tools. Our transportation management software consultants will get to know your core business processes as well as any challenges you’re facing and opportunities for improvement. With these factors in mind, we can walk you through your options to identify a solution suited to your company’s precise goals and budget.

Technology consulting is just one of the services we offer, however. We can also provide management consulting services to assess your business’s systems and uncover any vulnerabilities, including inefficiencies and barriers to productivity. With our extensive experience in logistics, we’re well-versed in management development and can assist you with any consulting needs.


Once you’ve found the right transportation management software for your company, the next challenge begins: implementing it effectively. Even for transportation companies with well-established IT departments, rolling out new software presents complexities. Eliminate the hassle and allow your internal teams to focus on core business strategies by enlisting our expertise for your transportation management software implementation.

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Whether you’re looking to integrate new software with your existing systems, roll out a new solution entirely, or some combination of the two, IT ArchiTeks can guide you through a smooth and seamless implementation that enables your teams to leverage new technology in as little time as possible. We draw on vast experience to anticipate roadblocks before they happen, allowing you to benefit from a hassle-free rollout that ultimately drives productivity.

Our integration and implementation services for the logistics industry span far and wide, including:

  • Transportation Management Systems such as Trimble Suite
  • Imaging and workflow solutions such as EBE Technologies
  • Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) Support including Samsara and others

Managed IT Services

From routers to servers and other network equipment plus software and device management, IT management is a complex endeavor for any industry, and transportation is certainly no exception. Even in small organizations, the role can be challenging and cost-prohibitive to fill. Finding the right IT talent specializing in logistics and transportation is never easy, especially amidst labor shortages. For many transportation companies, outsourcing these responsibilities is the simplest and most economical solution.

IT ArchiTeks’ managed IT services specialists can find the best solutions to fit the unique needs of transportation and logistics companies. Our team will ensure your network remains dependable and protected against threats, helping you to avoid delays. We offer comprehensive services in three core pillars of IT management:

  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Support

We know it’s essential for most transportation companies to operate around the clock, and to do so, your business depends on network security and reliability. For this reason, we offer 24×7 live support. Turn to us for assistance when you need it most.

Our team of IT and cybersecurity experts will manage all of the hardware and software elements of your company’s IT ecosystem, including servers and network devices. While our services can be customized to meet the needs of each organization, some of our most popular IT managed services include:

The ability to safely and securely move people and goods hinges on reliable transportation management systems. Don’t entrust your company’s IT needs with just anyone. For specialists who deliver both IT expertise and far-reaching experience in transportation and logistics, turn to IT ArchiTeks. Allow us to find solutions to help your company become more efficient, safer, and compliant. Contact us now to get started.