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Cloud Hosted PBX Solutions for Businesses Nationwide

Enhance the Efficiency of Your Business Communications

IT ArchiTeks offers feature-rich cloud hosted PBX solutions for businesses of all sizes. The right cloud hosted PBX phone system enhances the efficiency of your business communications while keeping the costs low with scalable systems to address your unique business needs. We use tried and tested communication platforms to ensure seamless functionality. We can help you upgrade your existing system or change from conventional phone lines to a cloud hosted PBX system. Call today for a free consultation.

Why Should I Consider a Cloud Hosted PBX Solutions?

Many business owners don’t know how much benefit they can get from a properly functioning cloud hosted PBX phone system, but if you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may want to consider contacting us to setup a cloud hosted PBX system for your office:

  • Are you looking to cut down business communication costs?
  • Do you want to enhance customer service efficiency?
  • Are you looking for ways to reduce dropped calls, missed calls, and call wait times for customers?

An Overview of the Hosted PBX Phone System

Private Branch Exchange, better known as PBX, used to refer to large, on-site phone and communications systems. The original PBX systems were those person-powered operations where actual wires were plugged into the right extension by an operator. In recent years, these systems have gotten much smaller. Today, IT ArchiTeks offer a cloud-based, hosted PBX that combines the benefits of both a uniquely customizable PBX system and an internet-based communication solution. Our Cloud Hosted PBX phone systems create ease of business-to-business and internal communications on any device. These solutions include all of the following basic features:

  • Keep your phone numbers
  • Make local, long distance, and internet calls
  • Access an automated attendant (menu system for callers)
  • Customize hold music selections
  • Get extensions or DIDs on a per-user basis
  • Create an employee directory
  • Receive basic voice mail
  • Message waiting indicators
  • Do not disturb settings
  • Ring groups and conferencing capabilities

Benefits of the Unique IT ArchiTeks PBX System

In addition to the basic features reviewed above, there are a number of unique benefits associated with the cloud hosted PBX solutions from IT ArchiTeks, including:

  • Call routing/transfer to mobile devices
  • Voicemail-to-email and voicemail transcription services
  • Call recording
  • Call center functionality
  • User dashboard and SoftPhone support
  • Operator console
  • Mobile applications that makes any mobile device a true PBX extension
  • FAX support for traditional fax machines, computers, and mobile devices
  • Business short message service (SMS) – or texting

Why Hire IT ArchiTeks?

Unlike other systems, our customized hosted PBX solutions are flexible and scalable. Sounds salesy, but it’s actually very important to your business. Other PBX systems can be complex, one-time solutions that address just current needs. Our uniquely flexible solutions mean we can increase or decrease capacity as you grow your business, change to multiple offices, or get through that off-season slump. Best of all, you only pay for the capacity you need. Most of our clients save more than 50% on their month to month communication systems maintenance and operation costs, and our one-of-a-kind integration and implementation protocols are as much as 90% less than typical setup fees.

With our dedication to quality, we handle every step of the installation, implementation, and maintenance process. First, the technical team meets with you to complete an evaluation of your current systems and usage patterns and come up with a customized plan to give you unified communication systems that integrate into your current systems. Then we fully install the PBX system. Once we have the right system in place, our technical PBX team helps your employees understand the workings of the system. After setup and integration, our team is always available to answer questions you face while operating your system.