Network Administration

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Cyber Threat-Focused Network Administration

Network administration ensures your business’s network remains accessible to the employees who need to use it through real-time maintenance and monitoring. It also ensures the network is secure by flagging or addressing any suspicious activity.

When threats are introduced to a business’s network, it can lead to disastrous consequences, including extended periods of outages and data breaches. The security of your network is critical, so network administration should focus on protecting against cybercrime like ransomware and other threats. The best network administration encompasses multiple security solutions to protect employees, customers, and the business itself against cyber-attacks.

As the number and intensity of threats against business networks increase, many companies are becoming overwhelmed with the efforts it takes to carry out network administration securely and in a way that mitigates risks. Comprehensive network administration involves managing firewalls and policies, but when left to one individual alone, the risk of human error becomes too great. Moreover, the job can become tedious and time-consuming for one person to carry out. For example, managing firewalls involves repetitive work that can lead to burnout, and network configuration changes may involve manual work that can’t be automated. In fact, security-focused network administration involves a wide array of tasks. Many business owners recognize the fact that the task is best left to experts outside the organization, whereas internal talents can be better directed towards other initiatives.

IT ArchiTeks takes the complexity and hassle out of network administration while taking a secure approach that protects your business. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions within our cyber threat-focused network administration services.

Advanced Firewall with Threat Management

Firewalls control what goes in and out of the network. Not only do they stop sensitive information from leaking out, but they also alert users when malware attempts or other threats emerge. Since cybercrime is constantly evolving, your business needs an advanced firewall with threat management to keep up. There are several types of firewalls available, and identifying the right deployment model calls for expertise in cybersecurity.

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24/7 network monitoring

24/7, 365 Network Monitoring

As its name suggests, network monitoring constantly monitors a business’s network for red flags such as slow or failing components. If an issue arises, a network administrator is alerted, who can then work on addressing the problem before it compounds. Fortunately, we also have a U.S.-based network operations team who operate around the clock to handle any issues as they develop.

Comprehensive Patch Management

Through comprehensive patch management, our team distributes and applies software updates to ensure our programs are up-to-date. Patches are also often used to change computer programs or supporting data to fix or improve it. Not only does this include bug fixes which improve the user experience, but it also includes addressing security vulnerabilities.

patch management
disc cleanups

Comprehensive Disk Cleanups

Disk cleanups can free up space on computers’ hard drives by eradicating files that are no longer needed, such as cached webpages, temporary files, and items that wind up in the recycle bin. And, while disk cleanups shouldn’t be used to replace other, more robust network security measures, they can help to remove viruses that may have come through downloads.

Comprehensive Ticket Generation & Escalation

A ticket is a record that represents an alert, incident, request, or event that requires action from the network administrator. While they’re often created by employees, they may also be created automatically when an incident occurs. Our team provides an effective ticketing system that escalates issues as needed and ensures any network problems are handled promptly and thoroughly.

ticket generation and escalation
support for network devices

Support for Network Devices

Unlike home networks, business networks often have many different parts. Troubleshooting issues that can arise with these components can be complex and challenging. Some of the most common network devices are hubs, switches, routers, bridges, gateways, modems, repeaters, and access points. Should you or your employees encounter any issues with these devices, rest assured that our team will provide quick assistance. In addition, we can provide ongoing support to ensure these devices are well-maintained and operating optimally.

Routine Network Maintenance

A fair amount of behind-the-scenes work must take place to keep a network up and running. Tasks can include hardware and software installations or configurations, troubleshooting problems, monitoring network performance and making improvements as needed, and preparing for future network growth as your business scales. Ensuring compliance and establishing reliable network security are also two critical factors to consider. Fortunately, a network that’s well maintained is also better protected against threats, which is why routine maintenance is a core component of cybersecurity.

routine network maintenance

No matter the scope or size of your company, your network is an invaluable asset which must be protected not only to ensure stable business operations, but also to prevent against any data breaches. For cyber threat-focused network administration catered to your company’s specific needs, contact IT ArchiTeks.