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Microsoft Azure Administration & Migration

As a business owner or IT manager, the odds are good you are familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite and other software programs from Microsoft. In addition to these tools used to perform the traditional word processing and business functions, Microsoft also offers a number of more advanced information technology (IT) systems, including the innovative Microsoft Azure platform. This is a cloud based computing platform that allows your business to custom create, build, and manage services, applications, and functions all from the cloud. If you’re interested in learning more about Azure and what it can do for your business, IT ArchiTeks can help you maximize these programs to achieve your business goals. Keep reading to learn a little more about working with us to migrate your business functions to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

What is Microsoft Azure & What’s Included?

Microsoft Azure is a versatile cloud computing platform and IT infrastructure tool that gives businesses the ability to create customized applications and services, hosted on the cloud, to manage any number of businesses processes. The flexible Microsoft Azure platform gives your business access to functions like secure data storage, payroll and invoicing applications, and more. All with the high level security necessary to stay in compliance with even the strictest, enterprise-level security standards.

What Happens During Migration?

When you migrate your business information to the Microsoft Azure cloud, you’ll gain access to a number of beneficial IT infrastructure and platform services to create virtual business networks, unlimited cloud storage and servers, and customized business application tools. All of these programs use the Microsoft interface that you are likely already familiar with. In most cases, migration to Azure means you no longer need costly, on-site servers and other hardware.

Can I do This on My Own?

Unless you have a lot of past experience with IT, you will likely need some guidance to migrate your business to Microsoft Azure. At IT ArchiTeks, we’ve had experience migrating numerous businesses of various sizes to cloud based platforms. We can help to streamline the process, ensuring you’ll be able to keep your business running without any lag time throughout the migration.

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Why Should I work with IT ArchiTeks?

IT ArchiTeks is dedicated to delivering customized IT support services to ensure businesses of all sizes can successfully administer and maintain the information infrastructures that are necessary to support their company. If you’re in need of assistance to create or maintain a Microsoft Azure cloud platform from your business, we’re here to help. Give us a call to get started today. In addition to management and migration for Azure, we also offer a range of traditional IT services, support, and consulting services for businesses.