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IT ArchiTeks offers complete Microsoft server maintenance and support services for businesses of all sizes. Be it server upgrades, security settings, migrations or installations, we do the job efficiently, cost effectively and reliably.

Trust the experts for server support and server maintenance

With the development of robust online transaction, storage and data sharing technologies, businesses are able to perform efficiently and quickly. Digitization and computerization of business functions has become more a norm than an exception in the present day world.

Server maintenance and support services

However, behind all the computerization and networking lies a solid framework of IT infrastructure. Unless you have the best IT infrastructure for your business, you cannot expect to make the most of the available technologies. You require an expert service that can ensure that your computers and servers function at their optimum capacity.

With IT ArchiTeks at your service, you don’t have to worry about the back-end functions of your IT setup. Our expert team will handle all these tasks effectively and efficiently leaving you to focus on the core functions of your business.

  • Installation of servers
  • Server upgrades
  • Server updates
  • Patch management
  • General server maintenance
  • SQL and database migration
  • Server management and maintenance
  • Virtual server consultation
  • Exchange 2013 and earlier versions
  • Backup monitoring
  • Emergency 24/7 support

Our server management and maintenance service includes event log monitoring, log file maintenance, drive space monitoring, user account administration, security administration, file sharing permission administration and virus prevention among others.

We provide services for various servers including Microsoft SQL Server 2012Microsoft Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Exchange 2013. Our systems engineers will analyze the requirements of your business to suggest the best suitable IT structure. Since every business is unique, it is important to come up with a unique strategy to ensure you invest in the best infrastructure without incurring unnecessary expenses.

For instance, based on the usage patterns and requirements of your company, our analysts will recommend whether to go for Microsoft Server 2012 R2 or Microsoft Small Business Server 2011. The focus is always to get you the right infrastructure, keeping your current and future requirements in mind. We have a team of Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP) who can help your business succeed with our IT consulting and managed IT services.

The strong customer support system at IT ArchiTeks ensures quick resolution of any outstanding open tickets in a fast and professional manner. Server maintenance and support can be a diffiult task to the inexperieienced IT professional, but at IT ArchiTeks all of our IT professionals have years of expereience in corporate and small business orginizations.

Contact us today for all your server support and maintenance requests or call 972-668-3130 to speak with one of our IT professionals about your server maintenance and support issues.

IT ArchiTeks provides Microsoft server mainenance to Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Server Maintenance and Support