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In 2019, you likely heard about at least one major business that was impacted by cybercrime, and even if you’re using security software and taking other steps to keep your business safe, do you really know what the risk is? There are many different types of cybercrimes that can negatively impact businesses of all sizes and knowing about the types of attacks can help you invest in cybersecurity measures to protect your business, so yours is not the next business dealing with the fallout from cybersecurity breaches. From lost work hours and the cost of repairing the damage to ruined professional reputations, cybersecurity breaches can profoundly impact a businesses’ ability to be successful.


A portmanteau of the words malicious and software, malware is any software that is written with the intent to do harm by damaging the computer or other device, preventing software from working correctly, stealing data, spying on individuals, and performing other malicious functions.


This type of cybercrime involves using emails, text messages, and other communications that appear to be from reputable sources to get information like passwords, credit card information, and more.

Denial of Service Attacks

This type of cyber attack creates a block to temporarily or permanently disrupt the use of a specific service online. This may be done for any number of reasons, but the end goal is to prevent companies from completing their online business functions.

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Man in the Middle Attacks

This form of attack is actually all about communication. Two parties who believe they are communicating directly are actually receiving communications that have been interrupted and translated by the cybercriminal. This type of attack is one of the many reasons for the development of two-factor authentication protocols.

SQL Injections

SQL injections are a form of cyber attack used to gain access to data driven website applications. SQL injections can be used to tamper with existing data, take data, disclose information to outside parties, change or void transactions, and otherwise wreak havoc on your data driven website. Like many types of cybercrimes this can be done just to irritate or annoy, but as many banks rely on data driven websites, it is most often used for the express purpose of stealing money.

Zero-Day Exploits

A xero-day exploit is a type of cyber attack that takes advantage of an exposed weakness in software. Before a fix can be put in place, a cybercriminal will swoop in to exploit the vulnerability in order to steal data, damage computers and other devices, negatively impact software and programs, and otherwise cause problems for a business.


Ransomware is actually a specific type of malware. The software creates a barrier between you and your data until a ransom is paid. In many cases, even paying the ransom will not give you access to your stolen data. Instead, many businesses find themselves vulnerable to further ransomware attacks since hackers now know their ransom will be paid.

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Amp Up Your Cybersecurity with IT ArchiTeks

There are many DIY cybersecurity tools available, and when properly implemented, they can be good options. With the ever increasing risk, it may be better to work with professionals like the IT ArchiTeks team. We have years of combined experience in preventing and managing cybersecurity threats to keep your business, employees, and clients safe. Get started by calling our sales team today. We can review your options and help you implement the best cybersecurity plan for your business.