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How secure is your IT network security? Are you sure that nobody is trying to snoop into your confidential data? Are you sure that your employees are not misusing the internet for their personal purposes?

Today, malware, viruses, hacking and security breaches have become more common than ever before. Network security, therefore, is extremely important. You need to be on your toes to keep your IT network well protected. At IT ArchiTeks, we strive to ensure that your network is completely secure. We continuously evaluate, examine, predict, detect and eliminate threats that your network might face.

Why do you need specialized services for network security?

A lot of business owners make the mistake of underestimating the tremendous importance of network security. In our years in business, we have observed that many companies imagine that installing firewalls and anti-virus software is adequate to protect the network. Unfortunately, these business owners realize the truth the hard way.

Sometimes, finding a virus or malware that infects the network of a business is like finding a needle in the haystack. You need a network security expert to detect the problem and eliminate the threat at the earliest.

Moreover, unlike the past, network access is not limited to computers these days. Employees who need to be on the field use handheld gadgets to access important data on the network. Since the access points are more, the threat is also higher. This calls for robust mobile security and comprehensive network security measuresacross all access points.

What does network security involve?

Network security involves a wide range of activities.

  • Security across SSL traffic as well as HTTP traffic
  • On and off network security
  • Advance detection and data protection
  • Continuous evaluation of network security measures
  • Regular upgrades and vulnerability patches
  • Mobile security

At IT ArchiTeks, we offer network security that meets the latest standards and can protect your networks effectively. We also provide security measures for Web 3.0 environment with granular application control.

When you obtain our network protection services, we update the security measures regularly and ensure continuous protection. We make it a point to report threats to you as well.

If your business’ IT network is not well protected, it becomes the biggest liability and threat to your company. The repercussions include loss of confidential data, which in turn can undermine the reputation of your business.

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