Additional Security Measures

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Additional Cybersecurity Measures

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, it’s not enough to have only the basic safeguards in place. Protecting your data calls for comprehensive, and often customized, security measures. For this reason, IT ArchiTeks offers a range of additional security measures that go above and beyond traditional services and solutions to provide the utmost level of cyber protection, based on your business’s unique needs.

Today’s organizations must have stronger cybersecurity measures in place to match the advanced nature and pace of cybercrime. Attacks like ransomware and phishing scams are becoming more prevalent than ever, and to defend your network and data against them, your cybersecurity measures must be deeply enmeshed in your overall IT infrastructure.

Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services to address ongoing cyberthreats proactively. We start with C-level consultation, ensuring ongoing collaboration with your CIO, CTO, and/or CISO. We also provide complete cross-training of our technical staff for support and escalation.

IT ArchiTeks provides a full range of solutions designed to proactively address your business’s cybersecurity needs. In addition to security-focused monitoring, maintenance, and support for your IT infrastructure, we can also provide the following measures.

Advanced Endpoint Security for Desktops & Laptops

Endpoint security protects devices such as desktops, laptops, and other IoT devices that connect to a network against cyberattacks and malicious threats. It defends these end-user devices by leveraging threat intelligence to identify, block, and remediate risks.

Our advanced endpoint security solutions use the most up-to-date threat intelligence to proactively safeguard your devices with no need for manual input from your team. Through continuous monitoring of files, applications, and processes, our solutions look for and address any malicious activity. Our advanced endpoint security solutions can be used both for corporate devices as well as companies with bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies.

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content filtering and reporting

Content Filtering & Reporting

Security threats often arise unknowingly from inside an organization. One way this can happen is when employees mistakenly access websites with malicious content, sometimes via a link that was sent through a phishing scam or via a different type of hacking attempt. Fortunately, content filtering is a solution that can prevent this issue from happening in the first place. This security technology monitors web activities and stops employees before they can access websites that are deemed to be unsafe. Reports are also generated to provide IT teams and other decision makers with the information needed to control risks and prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are network security tools that monitor networks for any signs of malicious activity and respond accordingly. Unlike intrusion detection systems, which simply identify risks but cannot take action against them aside from alerting an administrator, IPS solutions can take a preemptive strike against threats by blocking them. Our solutions are strategic in their ability to scan a considerable volume of traffic without slowing your network down.

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security alerts

Ongoing Security Scanning with Real-Time Alerts

Cybercrime can happen at any time and may arise from virtually anywhere. It’s therefore critical that your security solutions perform continuous monitoring and scanning, as opposed to scheduled scans. We can perform vulnerability scanning on an ongoing basis to identify weaknesses. These vulnerabilities are then flagged and presented via real-time alerts, ensuring network administrators can act promptly to prevent any major issues.

Mobile Device Management

Most employees now access business information via their own personal mobile phones or tablets. Mobile device management (MDM) is a security tool that can be used to monitor, manage, and secure phones and other mobile devices used for work, whether they’re owned by the company or the employee. In deploying these solutions, companies can protect sensitive company and customer data, reduce the risk of hacking events and malware, perform device updates and data backups, and track devices that have been misplaced. Common features of MDM include password protections, remote wiping for lost or stolen devices, malware detection, 24/7 threat monitoring, remote configuration and monitoring, and other security services. Our MDM solutions make it easy for organizations to seamlessly protect sensitive company data, no matter which devices your employees use to access it.

mobile device management
remote office connectivity

Secure Remote Office Connectivity

In recent years, more businesses have begun offering hybrid or exclusively work-from-home (WFH) arrangements than ever before. While there are many benefits to remote work for the company and employees alike, it also introduces certain risks and challenges. For one, many employees need to be able to connect to the business’s network to perform their full range of duties efficiently. Yet, home devices typically don’t have the same security measures in place as those located within the office.

IT ArchiTeks solves this issue with secure remote office connectivity. Not only can we provide a seamless experience for your remote workers and your IT teams alike, but we also offer comprehensive security solutions to mitigate any risks that arise with remote work arrangements.

No matter what your cybersecurity needs entail, IT ArchiTeks can ensure that they’re met to the fullest degree. To find out more about our additional security measures, contact our team here.