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Proactive Care

The best cybersecurity services aren’t reactive, but proactive. Here at IT ArchiTeks, we firmly believe that strong safeguards are built on taking preemptive strikes against cybercrime, instead of simply waiting for an event to occur. For this reason, we offer proactive care catered to your business’s unique cybersecurity needs.

Not all businesses have the same vulnerabilities, data privacy concerns, or network infrastructure. For this reason, we offer a wide range of managed IT services, including proactive care. When you partner with our cybersecurity experts, you can expect to receive the following key services.

Support for Your Entire Organization

Even small businesses can have a complex IT infrastructure. Allow our team to support all aspects of your company’s technology systems, from assisting you in cyberthreat protection to overseeing data management.

When we say we’ll support your entire organization, we mean it. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate seamlessly with our clients’ IT teams, but we also know that other individuals throughout your organization may need our assistance, too. Whether it’s your IT team or your remote workers who need help, we’ll be here to answer any questions and provide support as needed.

support your entire organization
comprehensive trouble ticketing system

Comprehensive Trouble Ticketing System

A ticket is a record that gets generated when an alert, incident, request, or event arises that requires further action from the network administrator. While tickets are often created by employees, they may also be generated automatically when an incident occurs. Smooth incident response hinges on the efficiency and effectiveness of the ticketing system. IT ArchiTeks utilizes an intuitive ticketing system that escalates issues as needed and ensures any network problems are addressed quickly and thoroughly.

10/5 Help Desk Support

Addressing issues after they arise is one way to manage IT, but we believe that a far better approach is proactive care. For this reason, we offer unlimited onsite and remote support, along with help desk support during normal business hours. We also provide afterhours and emergency support as needed, so rest assured that even if you do encounter any issues, we’ll see to it that your business continues to run as smoothly as possible as we work to resolve them.

help desk support
support for mobile

Security & Support for Mobile Devices

Most employees now access business information via mobile phones or tablets. Mobile device management (MDM) is a security feature that can be used to manage, monitor, and secure smartphones and other mobile devices for an organization, whether they’re owned by the company or an employee’s personal device. By leveraging these solutions, companies can protect sensitive internal and customer data, minimize the risk of hacking events and malware, perform device updates and data backups, and track devices that have been misplaced. Common MDM capabilities include remote wiping for lost or stolen devices, password protections, malware detection, ongoing threat monitoring, and other security services. Turn to IT ArchiTeks for comprehensive mobile device management.

Complete Network Administration

Unlike home networks, business networks have many intricate components. Identifying and addressing the issues that can arise within these parts is a daunting task. Even small to midsize organizations may have a large number of network devices, including hubs, switches, routers, bridges, gateways, modems, repeaters, and access points. Should you or your staff encounter any issues with these devices, rest assured that IT ArchiTeks will provide quick assistance. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to ensure these devices are well-maintained and operational.

Of course, that’s only one small component of our complete range of network administration services. There’s also considerable behind-the-scenes work that must take place to keep a network up and running. From installing hardware and software to troubleshooting issues, monitoring network performance, and making improvements as needed, the task is no small feat. Network management also entails preparing for future network growth as your business scales, as well as ensuring compliance and establishing reliable network security. Fortunately, a network that’s well maintained is also better protected against threats, which is why routine maintenance is a core component of cybersecurity.

Turning to IT ArchiTeks for all of your network administration needs will allow you and your employees to focus on core business initiatives and the outcomes that matter most. We’ll oversee all of your network components, as well as hardware, software, and cybersecurity, so you can keep operations running smoothly. With more than two decades of industry experience, we’re adept at maximizing the value of any business’s IT environment to ensure that it’s a tool to drive business performance, not a source of headaches.

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For managed IT services of any kind, turn to IT ArchiTeks. We prioritize not only convenience for you and your staff, but also the security of your network. If you’re a business owner in the Dallas, Houston, or surrounding Texas areas seeking managed IT and cybersecurity services, find out more about how we can help by sending us a message online or by calling 972-668-3130.