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Employee Internet Monitoring

Seamless network connectivity offers several advantages to a business. But what happens when your employees begin to misuse office internet for personal use? Network connectivity, then, becomes a big liability for the business. So, it is important that you keep tabs on office internet usage. At IT ArchiTeks, we work with you to set up a robust employee internet monitoring solution.

What do statistics say?

According to a recent survey conducted in the United States, if a thousand employees in a company use the office internet for personal use for just one hour every day, the company could lose more than $35 million worth of productivity per year. International Data Corp (IDC) has found that around 40 percent of internet usage in offices is for non-work purposes. Interestingly, 60 percent of online shopping happens during office hours!

A nationwide survey concluded that American businesses lost 40 percent in productivity because of non-work related internet usage. The results of the survey were shocking. Around 31 percent of employees admitted to sending out confidential business information outside the company using their personal emails. Furthermore, 60 percent of security breaches in offices happen because employees use the internet for personal purposes.

According to the survey, pornography websites receive 70 percent in web traffic during office hours. Other purposes for which employees misuse office internet are industrial espionage, video chatting and browsing for non-work related information.

You would not want your business to fall prey to such repercussions, would you? Today, monitoring employees’ internet usage has become a mandatory requirement rather than a choice. With IT ArchiTeks at your service, you can protect your business reliably.

How does an employee internet monitoring system work?

Different employee monitoring systems work in different ways. For instance, most systems maintain discreet history of keystrokes on employee computers. You can read the keystrokes and understand the Internet usage of the employee.

Monitoring software also helps you keep track of the Internet usage duration, browsing history, personal emails and instant messages.

Why choose IT ArchiTeks?

Based on the requirements of your company, our employee internet monitoring team designs a system that gives you a high degree of control over web usage of employees. We give you customized systems that suit your requirements.

While it is important to keep track of employee internet usage, it is also very important to ensure allegiance to employee privacy laws. When designing a monitoring system for you, we make sure that everything is within legal limits. In other words, we design a comprehensive and ethical monitoring system for your company.

We offer quick and effective employee internet monitoring service any time. Contact us today to gain control over the internet usage of your business. Call 972-362-9367 for a quick quote.

Employee Monitoring

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