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Computers have been used in the medical field almost as long as there have been computers, and with the advent of the internet, these computer systems were able to communicate and share information with other medical professionals both near and far. Unfortunately, cyber criminals were also early adopters of computer technologies, and the sharing of patient information within your information technology (IT) infrastructure could put these patients at risk. For many years, medical professionals chose not to use computer systems to share information to avoid concerns related to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which protects the private information of medical patients. Once more medical offices started to use IT systems to store and share internally and externally, IT professionals often left the HIPAA compliance up to the medical professionals. Today, support professionals and vendors are also held responsible for maintaining HIPAA compliance standards, and IT ArchiTeks is committed to helping our medical industry clients meet or exceed all HIPAA standards through our IT compliant support services.

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We Understand HIPAA Compliance

As of 2013, the Final Omnibus Rule modified the HIPAA compliance standards and included Managed IT Services Providers (MSPs), like IT ArchiTeks, as responsible parties in protecting patient private information. In keeping with these regulations, IT ArchiTeks works with medical professionals to create and maintain HIPAA compliant computer networks and IT systems. Our IT professionals have completed numerous projects for medical clinics, virtual doctor’s offices, at-home healthcare providers, and other specialty medical practices. Whether you are maintaining an internal computer network to store patient charts or you’re meeting with your patients virtually using a telehealth platform, the IT ArchiTeks team has the knowledge and skill to deliver HIPAA compliant IT solutions to keep your healthcare practice going. You can rely on us to guide you through the different aspects of HIPAA compliance as it relates to websites, computers and devices, and other components of your IT infrastructure.

We Support the HIPAA Compliance of Your Websites & IT Infrastructures

Our IT professionals assist medical industry clients [link to new industry page] in maintaining HIPAA compliance of websites and IT infrastructures at all levels, including:

  • Maintaining Privacy & Security – in addition to maintaining our already high privacy and security standards for IT systems, our team also supports regulation of the added layer of HIPAA compliant security. We help our medical field clients maintain this level of security, and we maintain this security on our end as well.
  • Analysis of Existing Systems – if you already have HIPAA compliant systems in place, our team can provide an in-depth compliance audit to uncover any potential breaches.
  • Risk Limitation – following review of your existing IT infrastructure, our knowledgeable professionals provide recommendations to limit risk and create secure and HIPAA compliant systems at all levels from individual computers to servers and internet networks.
  • Creating Secure Systems – if you’re starting a new practice or integrating a new computer system, IT ArchiTeks will work alongside you from the beginning to create secure and HIPAA compliant systems that are flexible and scalable for your needs.

Benefits of Working with IT ArchiTeks for HIPAA Compliant IT Support & Management

Because our team members understand the complexity of maintaining HIPAA compliance and the challenges of creating a functional and flexible IT infrastructure for your business, we are the ideal IT support associates for your clinic, hospital, or other medical practices. Our goal has always been to make IT systems simple, so our clients can focus on running their businesses. When you work with IT ArchiTeks, you can rely on our knowledgeable team members to keep your business and clients safe. Our HIPAA compliant managed IT services may include:

  • HIPAA Help – if your team needs training or has questions about the ways that HIPAA compliance standards impact your website, computer network, or IT infrastructure, IT ArchiTeks is happy to provide training, support, and help desk services, so there’s no need to bring in another MSP to offer this resource.
  • Integrated Compliance – we incorporate HIPAA compliant practices at all levels of IT systems setup, support, and maintenance. It’s a seamless approach that ensures you are always covered.
  • Continuing Support – our team can perform compliance audits, risk assessments, and other ongoing checks to ensure you maintain HIPAA compliance as your business grows and the industry standards change.
  • IT Support – all of this is in addition to our already industry-leading IT support services!