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IT Support & Management for the Transportation & Logistics Industry

Within the transportation and logistics industry, every client and every day can bring a new challenge. You have a handle on the moving pieces of getting goods from point A to point B, and your team responds quickly to address any changes as they arise. Is your IT infrastructure capable of responding as quickly? That’s where IT ArchiTeks comes in. We can help you maximize your current systems, increase uptime across devices and applications, and create a system that’s as flexible as you are.

Why Functional IT Systems are Essential for Transportation & Logistics

If you’re working to create or change the IT infrastructure that supports your business needs, IT ArchiTeks can help you find the right software, applications, and devices. If you’ve already invested in technologies and systems to track the moving pieces of your transportation and logistics company, we can help with that too.

The transportation and logistics industry is all about responsiveness. You can’t plan for all the variables that will come into play on a given day, but high functioning technology systems ensure you respond quickly to any change from client schedules to road hazards and supply lines. The IT ArchiTeks team can maintain your systems and technologies for minimal downtime. We can also help you to maximize the available capabilities of your IT infrastructure to respond more quickly, improve communications, and streamline processes. When you partner with IT ArchiTeks to create and maintain a stable IT infrastructure it’s easier to:


  • Meet your client’s expectations
  • Streamline business processes
  • Precisely track cost
  • Keep data safe
  • Comply with all industry regulations


Who We Are

IT ArchiTeks is a veteran owned business located in Frisco, TX in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. From our DFW Metroplex headquarters, we’re able to partner with transportation and logistics companies throughout the state and across the U.S. The professionals at IT ArchiTeks have decades of transportation and logistics experience. Specifically, our professionals have deep knowledge of both the McLeod and TMW software suites that are integral part of many logistics and transportation IT systems.

We stay up-to-date on the latest certifications and training for new software and technologies to ensure your business needs are met. We are committed to offering on-time, on-budget IT support services from a team of friendly professionals who will always go the extra mile. We believe in a preventive approach to IT support. Our team members help businesses create versatile IT maintenance plans with the agility to respond to changing needs. When you partner with us, you have a whole team of skilled professionals on call.


How We Help

Our knowledgeable IT support professionals have the experience and training to keep your transportation and logistics systems running. The beauty of working with IT ArchiTeks is that we are an independent provider. We aren’t here to sell you something. We’re here to help you make the most of the software, applications, and systems you choose for your business. We can help you find the right solutions if you’re looking.

We offer the following IT services and software support options:


  • TMW Software Support®
  • TMW Cloud to Azure Migrations®
  • TMW/GP Training®
  • TMW Business Process Review®
  • McCleod Software
  • SSRS Reporting
  • SSIS Integration Services ETL & ELT
    • Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) – collects and translates information before delivering to your data storage system
    • Extract, Load & Transform (ELT) – collects and delivers information to your chosen data storage system and only translates the date you want on demand
  • SQL Server Maintenance & Tuning
  • SQL Server Disaster Recovery and High Availability Options, including
    • Clustering
    • Log Shipping
    • Replication
    • Mirroring
    • Availability Groups
  • Business Continuity Planning – strategic planning for data breaches and ransomware attacks
  • Logistics Helpdesk Support
  • Power BI
  • Data Warehousing


Managed Hosting Via Microsoft Azure

Managed hosting via Microsoft Azure is one of the most versatile services we provide. The Azure cloud hosing system is compatible with logistics and transportation software and applications, including TMW and McLeod. Partnering with IT ArchiTeks for managed Azure cloud hosting gives you more time to focus on your business while we maintain your systems, keep software and applications up to date, and respond to staff, customer, or vendor support needs.

If your current logistics software is hosted On-Site or hosted in TMW Cloud, the IT ArchiTeks team has the experience to make migration into Microsoft Azure a stress-free experience. When you make this move, the versatility of the Microsoft Azure cloud environment gives us options to help you increase productivity and performance of your IT infrastructure. In turn, this increases employee productivity and drives increased revenue.


Partner with Us to Create Effective IT Solutions

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