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In this blog, IT ArchiTeks reviews the top four benefits of switching to a cloud-based platform for your storage and computing needs like the versatile Microsoft Azure for business. If you have questions or want to set up a consultation with the experts at IT ArchiTeks, give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about Microsoft Azure for cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Before We Dive in – What is the Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Before we even begin discussing the benefits of using Microsoft Azure, let’s take a minute to talk about just what exactly it is. You are likely familiar with Microsoft’s Office Suite, which includes products like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These are software products used to facilitate specific business tasks (i.e. writing memos, tracking payments, or giving presentations). Microsoft Azure is what’s known as an IaaS or PaaS product. IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service, and PaaS stands for Platform as a Service. Explanations of the differences between the two can get highly technical, but essentially, Microsoft Azure and other PaaS and IaaS products are online frameworks that can be scaled to meet your business needs and customized to your specifications. This may include creating business-specific applications, accessing secure could-based servers, hosting your company’s systems and data, and more. Much of what Microsoft Azure has to offer is digitizing the tools and processes that used to be done through on-site hardware like servers. Streamlining these processes with could-based systems can save your business time and money and improve employee productivity.

1 – Intuitive & User Friendly Systems – That You Already Know

If you use Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, or Outlook for your business or personal needs, you will already be familiar with the interface you’ll see when you migrate to Microsoft Azure. This makes it easy to educate your employees quickly and maximize the efficacy of Microsoft Azure’s applications and systems available to improve your business’ day-to-day function.

2 – Redundancy – For Protection from Disaster, Theft & More

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In the past, servers were usually large, bulky, physical machines that took up a lot of space in your office, and they needed to be repaired and maintained on-site. When all of your business data is on-site in one location, you run the risk of huge setbacks if disaster strikes. Floods, tornados, broken AC units, and theft can all put your business at risk. The cloud-based Microsoft Azure system creates redundancy in a cloud-based environment off-site and accessible from anywhere. That means you know there are backups available when the unexpected happens.

3 – Versatile & Customizable

Microsoft Azure is not one product or service. It’s actually a versatile, cloud-based IT infrastructure that allows you to create a customized solution to host your business data, perform business tasks like accounting and payroll online, and keep track of all of your employee and client information in a secure virtual environment accessible from most devices.

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4 – Convenience

Microsoft Azure makes it easy to migrate all of your business information and tasks to the cloud. Once the information and processes can be accessed virtually, your employees can keep busy from any device anywhere.

Bonus – It’s Actually Easy to Migrate to Microsoft Azure, Especially with Our Help

Microsoft Azure makes it easy to migrate your business data and services, but if this is not what you do on a daily basis, there are some complexities that can make the process a little more challenging. If you want to learn more about the migration process or need some help, IT ArchiTeks can partner with you to make migrating to Microsoft Azure quick, easy, and stress-free. In addition to helping with migration to Microsoft Azure, we offer a range of IT support and IT consulting services that ensure your business functions online, your data is secure, and your employees stay productive. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more. We work with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and other Microsoft business tools on a regular basis, so our team members can help you maximize the benefits of Microsoft Azure for your business.