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Data Theft from Employees

July 4, 2014 - By: Derek Veillon

Employees are undoubtedly the biggest asset for any organization. However, if employees are negligent about following the security measures set up to protect the company’s data, they could become its biggest liability. Unfortunately, although most companies secure their systems and network against attacks by hacking, virus programs and malware, many are sloppy about protecting important data from employees.

The Alarming Statistics

According to a Cisco commissioned study comprising 10 countries, 70 percent professionals believed that almost 50 percent of their company’s data theft occurred because of unauthorized programs used by employees on their systems. Furthermore, it was seen that 44 percent of employees shared the company networks with other devices without supervision. About 39 percent professionals who participated in the study said that they have had to deal with at least one employee who accessed company’s network without authorization.

The same study found that 46 percent of employees confessed to have transferred documents between their personal computer and company’s network. Such incidences are more frequent when employees work from home. More alarmingly, 18 percent of the employees said that they shared their passwords with co-workers.

Nearly 52 percent of employees said that they visited external websites on the company’s networks because they wanted to, regardless of whether their action breached company’s network security policies. 19 percent of employees believed that they could get away with the breach because no one would be able to find out that they did it.

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